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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that frequently come up. This is an attempt to answer them and inform the public in general about what we do and how we do it. There is also a wealth of information in our News letters.

Q: How do I maintain my wooden structure?
A: Overhead patio structures are usually made of Douglas Fir for a primed and painted look. They may check (crack along the grain) or bleed (moisture or sap) after the first hot summer and may need to be filled and re-painted after the first year. Also inspect the top that gets all the sun every few years. Regular caulking and repainting is about every five years. Also see About Wood.

Q: How do I maintain my wood deck?
A: To keep your wood deck looking its best, refinishing is in order every two or three years. This may involve pressure washing, stripping, acid washing and then re-sealing. Sometimes sanding may be in order. If you re-seal it without pressure washing or sanding it, it will help to preserve it, but you are also preserving the weathered look by sealing it in. See also Deck Refinishing.

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